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My Connection Builder is Like Having a DREAM Team of Marketing Assistants in Your Living Room

Just imagine how fast you could grow your business if you had an entire team of professional marketers working Your Business with you. Constantly reach out to the MILLIONS of eager prospects who reside both on AND off social media.

Your experts would stream in every morning and gather around your kitchen table. Some would stay overnight, replying to messages around the clock.

In the morning you would trudge out in your house slippers and yawn as a team member announces “we found 4 more ready to be added to your downline.”

In your dreams, right?

This is exactly what My Connection Builder does for you. It’s the intuitive easy-to-use software App that streamlines and semi-AUTOMATES marketing your business on Facebook.

Download your FREE Trial NOW!

Let us repeat that. MCB does almost ALL the work for you. At the touch of a button:

* It organizes all your contacts
* Replies to comments on your Facebook Business posts
* Instant messages people on Facebook for you

You don’t have to worry about it saying the wrong thing either. MCB uses replies and messages that YOU wrote, in your style, with your voice. And won’t use the same reply for every person either (Nobody likes talking to a robot)

Does This Work?

You bet it does. Facebook is a massive platform that reaches deeply into billions of people’s lives. They check their Facebook messages throughout the day, usually as soon as each message arrives. An Instant Message is far more likely to be read and much more powerful than just email alone.

Millions of excellent prospects have their phone notify them every time an instant message comes in OR the exact moment you reply to their comment on one of your posts.

Rather than having to send email after email that never gets read because they have already forgotten about you and you have no other way of contacting them…

You reach people with fun, interesting, engaging Facebook messages and comment replies. Then you can follow up in other ways as well (Phone calls, texts, email, meet up at a coffee shop… you name it!) Professional marketers and Network Marketing giants all say using Instant messenger is BY FAR the most effective and EASIEST way to grow your business.

Imagine Your Business with Smart Automated Marketing

The big problem in Network Marketing is always finding an AFFORDABLE way to spread the word.

In the past people had to lick envelopes and affix them with expensive stamps… stamps that end up in the garbage

Or you had to spend ALL your evenings on the phone cold calling people who usually didn’t want to talk with you… wasting the very freedom you are selling

You had to invite lots of prospects over to your house for a meeting, preparing snacks and drinks for all of them… just to have them not show.

You have probably even Cold MESSAGED your entire friends list with a scrip from your upline in an attempt to use “Social Networks” for your business and ended up getting ignored and blocked…

So much waste and embarrassment….

If that sounds impossibly embarrassing and boring, you’re right. Most new members started out with big dreams of earning a nice income from home, but the steep marketing curve discouraged them fast. Pretty soon their garage was full of unsold product, they had a maxed out credit card, and little to no organization or commissions.


Prospecting and growing your business with a tool like My Connection Builder is MUCH easier, more fun, and dramatically more successful. We make it ridiculously easy to ATTRACT and HONE IN ON only the very interested, highly motivated and the people who are jumping to participate in an opportunity like yours.

Whether you’re trying to sell product or sign up new members or both, smart Facebook marketing is the way to go.

We Make it FAST and EASY and AFFORDABLE!

It takes just a moment to grab your FREE Trial of MCB. As soon as you see the easy dashboard, you will understand it’s simple to use. MCB offers clear instructions and excellent tech support built right into the software.

Why all this focus on messaging and communicating with prospects? Because it’s the key to building a very successful organization.

When a prospect becomes interested, it’s up to you to fan those flames until they become a raging fire of action. This may require you to touch base with them several times.

It’s a good idea to contact them frequently…. But not TOO frequently. Some of the top earners have shown us their process and THAT process is built IN to the MCB tool so that YOU don’t have to wonder if you are doing it right.

Properly timed follow up is KEY! For a prospect who is truly interested, this is exactly what they need to learn about your opportunity, get really excited about it, then join.

After they join, the new member will need training, encouragement, and guidance. MCB helps you track and train your TEAM as well! You will want to coach your team making them the super sellers they could be – because with everyone making money you earn HUGE commissions.

All this takes a LOT of organization. And TIME you probably don’t have.

That’s where MCB can be your best friend. It has been carefully designed to give Network Marketers exactly what you need to organize all your contacts, automate Facebook Instant Messages, even ensure you support your new growing team properly!

What If You Were Our Next Success Story?

Imagine 10x’ing Your Business with a Perfect System…
where we walk you through this step by step…

No More Guessing How You will get more Business!

myconnectionbuilder thumb4

I will NEVER go back to Pen & Paper!

“So I’ll be perfectly honest I wasn’t real sure about My Connection Builder at the very first. I had it at the very first of the year and I did not use it consistently but that’s because I’m a major pen and paper person.

I like to have everything written down but over this last month I have really used it consistently and it’s made my life so much easier. I can get my business stuff done a lot faster I know what my goals are.

I know what I need to do each morning and I can get that done and get that knocked out pretty fast!  It makes it super easy for me to add people which is really good to keep adding to my network.

It makes it super easy to keep track of everybody!

I can put my notes in there and one of the wonderful things that I have found (recently since my page is growing), is that I can message people directly through MCB without me having to do anything and that is a super lifesaver!”

The Perfect Tool for a busy Mom of 5 Kids!

I just want to say that I love My Connection Builder! It’s just made organizing things so much simpler.

It is something I can keep up with. I’ve tried a lot of other systems and things at work but being a busy mom with five kids, and a million things it just seems like everything was too complicated.

My Connection Builder is so simplified, it’s something that I can stick with and integrate right with Facebook! It’s the one tool I found that truly makes this job easier and helps me focus more on keeping track of the people I am helping!

myconnectionbuilder thumb4
myconnectionbuilder thumb4

Game-Changer for my Business! MCB allows me to work smarter (not harder)!

Hey guys it’s Sara I just wanted to pop on and give a quick testimony for My Connection Builder. It has definitely
been something that has truly been a game-changer for my business!

I have loved getting the processes down and some systems in place. It has definitely allowed me to work smarter and not harder 🙂

I actually have a little baby on the way here soon so working smarter and and not harder is all about the theme of my life right now. I’m really glad that I joined and started implementing these systems before this time in my life because I know things
are gonna get crazy!

Being able to have some simplified processes, applicable processes already set up in my business is going to set me up in a
fantastic way.

My husband can’t believe that I have time to watch junky TV with him in the evenings again.  I am, you know, being more efficient in my business and getting things done a lot faster. It’s definitely been a time saver life saver business builder.

Totally worth it so I hope you guys are enjoying and taking advantage of your memberships with My Connection Builder
as well, because it can totally change the game for you.

So, What’s The Catch…?

There is NO catch. We’re going to let you test drive MyConnectionBuilder AND get into our Private Group for FREE because we know that after you start using them, you’ll wonder how you ever survived without them!

Is There A Guarantee?

Of course. 🙂 I guarantee that you’ll LOVE MyConnectionBuilder and our Private Group, and if for some reason you decide later that you don’t want to be a members anymore, then we’ll happily cancel your account without any penalties or fees. We don’t believe in any long term contracts so you can come and go as you please.

Here’s What To Do Next:

From here it’s just finalizing the details. Click on the button below, start your FREE TRIAL and get in our awesome Group!
From there you will see what this can do for you to build a team and get you more sales!!!

Jesse Regan & Stephanie McDaniel
Owners of My Connection Builder and Social Team Builder

P.S. – Here Are A Few Other FAQs We Get A Lot

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does MCB Take to Set up?

If you use our Quick start guide it can take you 15 min from start to finish to get your account set up and ready to roll! Or you can do a little bit every day. YOUR CHOICE!

Does My Connection Builder Help people who do NOT YET have a Fan Page?

YES! At it’s core, MCB is an organizational tool to ensure ALL of your connections and conversations are not only TRACKED< but paced to get more “yes’s” out of the conversations you’re already having. A Fan Page is NOT a requirement to use MCB.

Does My Connection Builder work with IG?

YES! Many features inside of MCB help you track and connect to your IG leads at the click of a button!

Do I need a Computer to use My Connection builder?

Absolutely not! Both the Computer and Mobile interface allow you to use 100% of the features inside of your account and are designed to ensure your work is fast and fun!

What Happens after the 30 Day FREE Trial?

We have a number of subscription options ranging from as low as $5/month as well as yearly and lifetime certificates that provide additional savings!

I have tried other Tools Like this… what makes YOU different?

MCB is a tool designed FOR Network Marketers BY Network Marketers. We have helped train and coach Tens of Thousands of people in this industry, from the person on Day 1 all the way to the TOP income earners and recruiters across multiple companies. This experience gave us insight on what it REALLY takes to build a successful and profitable business while not giving up your life to do so!

Can I connect Multiple Fan Pages to the My Connection Builder Automations.

Each Page needs a unique MCB Account right now, though we are working to add “Agency Level” access for those of you running Multiple Pages.

Can I use the Automations on my Personal Profile or Inside Groups?

No, We are an officially approved and compliant application connected to the major Social Media platforms. Because of this we will NEVER do anything to jeopardize your account that could lead to you being kicked off of the platforms altogether. You’re Safe with us!

Can MCB Send Emails like an Email Autoresponder or Newsletter?

My Connection Builder can connect to your personal g-mail account and with that connection you gain the ability to track and send emails to your contacts without ever leaving MCB. Auto responder emails, Mass newsletters, and other official email marketing functions however come with their own set of laws that require the recipients to willingly opt in to receive marketing and automatic emails from you.
This is not a function of G-Mail and so it is not a function of My Connection Builder. Emails must be sent individually just like you would directly from inside of your personal email account.

Does MCB allow the use of Scripts?

YES! You have an entire library to create, save, and host the scripts that work best for YOU! You can easily apply them to Live Chat/Facebook Messenger conversations as well as email to make more large-scale and systematic conversations quick and easy!

Can I add an Assistant to access my account for me without giving them my own username and password?

YES! We allow you to add an assistant on your account, and you can even customize the level of access you allow them to have. Their access is granted under their ow Unique username and password, and can be revoked by you at any time.

How does My Connection builder Help me make more sales?

It is a fact that most people do not say “Yes” to a buying opportunity until after the 5th follow up. With MCB you won’t FORGET to follow up with anyone, but you also won’t get burned out by the endless hours spent scrolling, looking for who to talk to, and wondering what to say.
We have a built in conversations ales funnel that ensures you ALWAYS say the exact right thing at the exact right time… for each specific contact.

How does My Connection Builder help me work FEWER Hours but still get MORE done?

With MCB, you can manage and control all the essential outlets for your business: Major Social Media platforms, email, phone calls, your Google calendar, etc. without EVER leaving MCB. This cuts down on mindless scrolling, distraction, and busy work and keeps you FOCUSED for your work hours. We also help you prioritize OTHER areas of your life with Lifestyle goals that nourish you outside of work hours to maintain a healthy balance of success, and down time.

If I don’t want to continue after the 30 day trial will I be charged?

NOPE! You don’t even need to enter a credit card until you know FOR SURE that this is the tool for you! And trust us, if you use it 30 days straight… there’s no way you won’t love it. But…. If you don’t… just leave and you won’t be charged. Period!

Is this tool difficult to learn? I mean, how soon could I realistically feel confident using it every day, I am NOT tech savvy!

This tool was BUILT by a person who took 3 months to learn how to upload a video to YouTube. She built it specifically for those who are nervous about technology because she KNOWS that if it’s not easy and fun… people won’t use it. And if people don’t use it… they won’t ever see the success in their Life and Business that they deserve!

How Can I share a FREE 30 day trial with my team?

Simply copy this URL: And post it to your team page, private message them, include it in your team newsletter! Let them know why YOU are excited to use it and that they can try it out FOR FREE to see for themselves!

If I have another tool I am using and want to switch to My Connection Builder… how do I do that?

Simply download the data from your existing tool into a .CSV file. MCB allows direct uploads of .CSV files right into its own database making transitions easy, quick, and most critical data can be reserved during the transition!

Seamless Experience – Transformational Results!

MCB is scientifically proven to help you get more productive business done in less time!

Integration with Social Media, Gmail, and Google calendar Means you don’t ever have to leave this platform to accomplish your income producing business goals.

Automatic Commenting and messages directly allow you to begin conversations while you sleep and wake up to an inbox full of new leads who have reached out to you! <—WHAT!?

Customizable dashboard allows you to take things at your own pace and create the perfect tool to complement your daily actions.