Helping you Make TIME For SUCCESS

By Eliminating distractions for a productive work session

Seamless Experience – Transformational Results!

MCB was built with YOU and your future self in mind.

Customizable dashboard allows you to take things at your own pace and
decide what your “must do” activities are
Integration with Facebook, Gmail, and google calendar
Means you don’t ever have to leave this platform to accomplish your business goals
Automatic Commenting and messages allow you to begin conversations while
you sleep and wake up to an inbox full of new leads who have reached out to you

How You Benefit

Nobody ever said success as an online entrepreneur was going to be fun and easy… oh wait… Yes they did!
And with MCB it can be TRUE!


Set your work hours
Work should enhance
life, not take it over


No more losing conversations
in Facebook messenger or
toggling from platform to
CRM to paper planner just
to keep up!
Message anyone who has
messaged your Page right


Your Lifestyle is JUST as
important as your sales
numbers to us.
Set and track KEY lifestyle
Activities and goals to
Ensure you work on WHOLE
Life success and you build
Your empire!


We would never suggest that
you remove the YOU out of your
But some beginning automations
To get a conversation rolling will
Free up MUCH needed time that
Used to be spent on this tedious
Busy work

Who Has Time for Success?

  • I love the ease of entering contacts and also the fact that you can work your biz without ever getting onto Facebook.

    Sarah Wright
    Sarah Wright
  • I love how it keeps me on track for exactly who I have to follow up with each day. I truly feel more organized so I can accomplish more and for the first time I feel like no one will fall through the cracks! Thanks for this great tracker!

    Sarah Dwyer
    Sarah Dwyer
  • MCB Helps me actualy have a specific path on how many people to add, to reach my incom goals. Also to be able to stain in MCB and postss, schedual posts, and Live Chat!! This is awesome!

    Callie Dale
    Callie Dale
  • MCB has finally gives me a way to organize my contacts, my conversations, and my follow-ups. I love that I can log in and go to live chat to catch up on all my messages. I can stay focused on sending messages and not get caught up in my Facebook news feed.

    Sherry Hicks
    Sherry Hicks

The average person is distracted every 40 seconds when working in front of a computer

And it takes on average 25 minutes to get back on track after each distraction
You do the math! It’s no wonder you can never seem to get enough done!

Eliminate Distractions – Increase Results